What We Do

Client Profile

We service a wide range of clients, from schools, churches, professional service companies, manufacturing, whole sale, retail and the hotel entertainment industry.

Statutory Services

  • acting as statutory auditors to companies
  • acting as accounting officers to close corporations
  • maintenance of tax files for companies and directors, registrations, completion of returns and generally attending to compliance with the Income Tax Act
  • formations, statutory amendments, maintenance of registers and generally attending to compliance with the Companies and Close Corporations Acts

Financial Consulting

  • profit improvement and cost reduction exercises
  • cash management
  • financial planning
  • company and group structures
  • partnership arrangements
  • purchase and sale of businesses
  • property investment
  • raising of finance for working capital, asset acquisitions or projects
  • budgeting and cash flow forecasting
  • strategic planning
  • product costing
  • break-even analysis
  • tax saving and planning

Accounting and Budgeting

In addition to historical annual financial statements many clients engage us to prepare informative interim financial statements on a monthly or quarterly basis on our in-house computers.

Tax Planning

Our services include minimizing the incidence of taxation, examining the tax consequences of particular transactions and structuring clients' affairs to achieve legal tax avoidance.

Our planning includes the minimization of estate duty, capital gains tax, income tax and other incidental taxes.

We offer a valuation service for capital gains tax and other purposes. Valuations of business and commercial property interests are performed.

Acquisitions and Business Broking

We regularly conduct business investigations in relation to the purchase or sale of interests in businesses. This will often include the professional valuation of business interests and draw upon our continuing exposure to a wide variety of businesses. As business brokers we are available to dispose of businesses for clients.

Other Services

  • estate planning and preparation of wills
  • executorships
  • trusteeships

If you're looking for service which isn't listed above, please contact us.